Reap The Business Benefits of Managed Document Services

The digital revolution promised a world of paperless workplaces, yet it seems that we are drowning in paper more than ever. According to studies, India is one of the world’s highest users of paper goods per capita, with each individual consuming around 13 kilograms of paper each year. Businesses account for a large portion of this paper consumption.

As the world becomes more sustainable, and protecting data becomes more important Managed Document Services (MDS) come into play.

It is an externally delivered solution that includes hardware, software, maintenance, and strategic consulting to cover all areas of document management inside the organisation, including infrastructure and workflow, as well as security, archiving, and storage.

Having MPS i.e., Managed Printing Services does not substitute for MDS, as MPS is more about managing your printer and your printing related needs whereas MDS, on the other hand, takes a more comprehensive approach to document management that extends well beyond printing, concentrating on how documents are managed, distributed, and saved across devices, networks, and channels.

In brief, MDS is concerned with how your company manages the generation, transport, and processing of information, not only printing.

A MDS provides a variety of both tangible and intangible business advantages, such as:

  1. Reduced resource and financial wastage
    This is often the primary motivator for MDS adoption; by rationalizing print fleets, optimizing processes, decreasing consumption, and minimizing waste, MDS has proven to provide a strong ROI in a very short period.
  2. Safety and security
    Businesses have a duty to secure the data of their clients, especially considering current restrictions. Secure printing and authorized access to devices and document networks aid in the prevention of data breaches caused by occurrences such as the unintentional or purposeful duplication of sensitive information.
  3. Increase in efficiency
    More efficient processes and optimized device management mean staff spends less time on administration and tech support and more time on business-value-adding goals.
  4. Sustainability
    MDS may help your organization become more ecologically friendly by lowering energy use and consumable consumption, like as paper and toner.
  5. Workflow optimization and more efficient information processing
    Streamlining processes implies that information is captured and processed much more quickly, resulting in greater insights that may enhance essential company tasks such as customer service or product development, resulting in value generation.

Managed Document Services, how they work?

  1. Assessment
    We begin with a very complete data analysis of your existing document or information output to find potential for cost savings, waste reduction, process optimization, and decreased environmental impact.
  2. Design
    Based on our findings, we provide a tailored solution that combines hardware, software, and process development to properly meet your budget, goals, and performance needs, guaranteeing you get the most out of your investment.
  3. Implementation
    A successful MDS solution entails more than just having the correct devices and software; it also entails instilling positive change in the company’s culture. To guarantee employee satisfaction and little interruption to your organisation, a team of change management specialists works directly with you to deliver the bespoke solution, managing everything from installation to training.
  4. Management
    Our management service provides optimal performance, dependability, and cost-efficiency. With a variety of on-site and remote support options, we manage your complete document infrastructure, keeping processes running smoothly and handling time-consuming daily admin tasks like as automated consumable replenishment, fleet maintenance, and performance assessments.
  5. Optimization
    To meet the needs of your evolving business, we continue to analyze your procedures to uncover new methods to save money and increase efficiency, resulting in continuing optimization. We also conduct frequent evaluations to ensure that you can clearly see the quantitative advantages of the MDS and that it satisfies your goals.

At Minosha India, we prioritize your needs, and provide you with a tailored Managed document services solution based on your documentation storage, delivery, and access requirements.

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