Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services or MDS is an advanced and holistic approach to optimize document output in the most accurate way possible. It helps you combine the right talent with the right processes and the right technology, enabling you to offer better services and add value to your business. The process helps optimize the entire document output of a business. In addition to Managed Print Services processes like document capture and archiving are included in MDS and this ensures a secured workflow and reduced environmental impact. Managing the business documents using MDS empowers you to do the following:

  • Respond faster for better customer satisfaction
  • Get more value out of information
  • Get the best return on your investment

Our MDS solution has been designed and developed keeping these factors in mind. It encompasses the three major elements of document management that are fundamental to business growth –

  1. Capture – is related to the creation of information
  2. Transform – is about how the information shifts around a business
  3. Manage – is about processing information in such a way so that business value can be added

How Minosha’s Managed Document Services would be beneficial for you?

We are home to expert professionals who have years of hands on experience on MDS. Using Industry best practices and world class document optimization and management solutions, Minosha meets customer expectations on saving costs, increased security and boosts productivity and profitability. Before deploying the service, we make it a point to observe how the client’s business uses, stores and accesses the electronic and print information and what devices they use. Based on the information, we create a tailormade strategy that helps optimize the entire infrastructure. Thus, we enable our client organizations to work with complete support so that they can perform with accuracy. Based on the user input and output behaviour, we apply the print and document management technologies. This helps eliminate costs and waste, ensuring optimized information and maximum possible productivity.  

If you are facing trouble optimizing the resources of your business, if you are unaware of the total cost or workflow or you don’t have enough expertise to tackle the resources properly, opting for Minosha’s Managed Document Services would be beneficial for you. Wondering how? Let’s find out –

  • Cost saving – By ensuring complete visibility into your print usage and cost, we ensure the cost is reduced to a great extent. In order to ensure the same, we also introduce measures that help eliminate, or at least reduce the unnecessary printing jobs. Finally, we help you manage the entire fleet and print workflows so that you can slash down the cost. 
  • Compliance security – We perfectly understand how important it is to adhere to the security rules and compliance regulations. Hence, we always make it a point to understand how the information is handled. If needed, we implement certain enhancements so that you can keep the crucial data safe from the unauthorized professionals. At the same time, we help you achieve the regulatory compliance. 
  • Smooth workflow and streamlined processes – If the processes and workflow of your business are streamlined, you can easily achieve all the targets. Keeping that in mind, we follow a holistic approach to understand how the workflows and processes can be synced in, managed and optimized in a better way. As a result, this enables all your employees to work more efficiently and that too, in shorter period of time.
  • Reduced environmental impact – While running a business, you do have a responsibility to reduce the impact towards the environment, right? And this is where our MDS helps you best. Optimizing the printing infrastructure and implementing a process that is environment friendly will surely help you do the same. This will not only help reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint, but also helps you live a clutter free life by avoiding unnecessary printing.
  • Increased employee motivation – When you have an optimized workflow, it will eventually help you reduce the down times and minimize the workload of the IT professionals. With state of the art solutions and infrastructure, you can make the entire document management process faster and way more effective. All these will help you increase the motivation of your employees, leading to improved productivity.
  • Hassle free process – With a single point of contact, our MDS saves you a lot of hassles. Since we provide you with every single thing that you need to manage the printers and other multifunctional devices, and we also take care of all the repair and maintenance services, it becomes quite smooth for you. We also enable remote monitoring system whenever needed, so that you don’t have to undergo any trouble.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – With a streamlined document management process, all your customer-handling employees will be able to handle the queries better. They will also be able to deliver personalized services, which in turn, will help you ensure improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • More value from information – One of the most special facts about Minosha’s MDS is that we ensure smooth transformation of information. By making the information available, searchable, adaptable, portable, reusable and intelligible, we enhance your ability to satisfy your customers and employees.
  • Best possible ROI – Quite obviously, this is one of the most important factors that almost every business looks up to and we understand that perfectly. With increased productivity, improved processes, greater efficiency and better customer satisfaction, you can easily yield financial rewards for your organization. With Minosha’s advance MDS, you will be able to identify the production flow, bottleneck wastages and resource usage for all the printed documents. Keeping track of every single detail will surely help you achieve the best possible ROI. 

To manage your business documents tactfully, opting for Minosha’s MDS will probably be the best bet for you.