5 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Multifunction Office Laser Printer

One thing that every single employee in your organization would like to have besides a coffeemaker is an awesome printer. Commercial printers do not come cheap, they are expensive and are heavily used by everyone around them. Most commercial spaces are using multifunction office laser printers and these often last for around 5 years. The lifespan of a printer depends on several factors but today let us talk about some tips and tricks that can extend the longevity of your multifunction printer.

Regular software updates

Modern printers run on software, and you should not take the risk of running such important office equipment on obsolete software. Ensure that all the printers undergo regular software updates. This will keep a check on the maintenance costs, ensure that the printer can handle large loads, and protect the equipment from getting hacked!

Keep your printer clean

Dust and debris are the worst enemies for your printer. These can not only result in jamming the printer but at times can also lead to a total breakdown. Hence, you should regularly clean the printer surface and trays. The modern multifunction office laser printer comes with an auto-clean feature that enables the printer to clean its components on its own. A checkpoint here – do not try to do anything that you are not sure doubt. You might end up damaging the instrument. Please follow the instructions on the manual or connect with the experts.

Schedule regular maintenance

Like any other equipment, even the printer needs regular maintenance. You can always check with the manufacturing company for their policies or get into a monthly, quarterly, or yearly contract with a service company for the cleaning and maintenance of the printer. Regular maintenance will enable you to detect faults and predict the potential risks even before they can occur. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ schedule regular maintenance for a trouble-free and best printing experience.

Handle jams with care

You must have read the joke, ‘this printer has now become Bob Marley because it keeps jamming.’ Paper jamming is the most common issue with any printer. But you know what is worse than that? When you consider the machine as brainless and try to pull or tear and abuse the machine. In case a paper gets stuck, follow instructions as per the manual to pull it out, and if you feel you cannot then immediately call the technician.

Do not cross your limits

It might sound intimidating but that’s what best office multifunction printers try to say! Yes, every printer has an optimal print volume, and you should not exceed it. Doing so might unnecessarily load the printer and damage it leading to additional expenses and troubles. Like all other devices if you operate the device with care, take care of it, schedule regular maintenance, and follow the instructions, then it can definitely increase the lifespan of your multifunction office laser printer.

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