Power Your Productivity with RICOH M C2000 Printer

Can office printers boost productivity? Even though surprising, the answer is a ‘YES’. Gone are the days when office printers used to be potential bottlenecks, by getting jammed, or broken, mostly seen as dumb machines. Modern-day printers can not only increase employee productivity but also reduce your total cost of ownership. That’s like hitting two targets with one arrow. Splendid isn’t it!

A multifunctional printer like RICOH M C2000 can print, scan and copy, for you – one machine for everything. Let us take a closer look at how printers can boost office productivity.

User-intuitive interface

Modern printers have become user-friendly with a simple and intuitive interface. They have touch panels with icons, often mimicking the ones commonly used on phones or tablets. This makes the job simpler where people are not spending time getting trained on how to use the printer. Instead of becoming a bottleneck, the printer has now become an enabler to save time and resources.

Easy to organize documents

When you use modern-day printers’ scan facility, you save time and effort in organizing and searching through documents. Intelligent algorithms can sort, shuffle, and even manage documents on your behalf. To add to the delight, you can share these documents over email, or send them to a particular storage destination, all within seconds.

Secure print outs

An easy source for information leakage is the printer. People often give print commands and printouts lie in the open, giving room for anyone to look at them or even take them away. The latest printers have robustly addressed information security. Every time someone gives a print command, he/she needs to put in an access code and unless the same is entered on the printer, the job is never processed. So, if you give your print and forget to retrieve them, then it won’t ever get printed.

Mobile printing

Present-day business operations are not limited to stationary desktops, they can happen anywhere, with increasing activity on a mobile device. Emails, presentations, documents, almost everything is present and accessed using a mobile device. Now for printing, if all these had to be transferred to a stationary device, it meant wasting time. Modern printers allow you to print directly from your mobile device right on the go.

No doubt, it’s time to replace the old machines and get a new multipurpose, multi-specialty printer on the floor. With the new Ricoh M C2000 full-color multi-function printer, you can simplify document management and print and reduce cost. Yes, you have read it right, the new Ricoh M C2000 has very nominal running costs and offers you a very low total cost of ownership.

It is an A3 printer, that’s like a one-stop-shop for all your printing, scanning, and copying needs. It can connect to any mobile device and supports printing on the go. The touchscreen display with simple intuitive icons makes simple easy for you and the print resolution going to bring life to every picture your print. Get rid of your old printers and get all new powerful and easy to use RICOH M C2000 to bring in new life and add productivity to your office.

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