Get The Best Deal on Your Multifunction Printer at an Authorized Ricoh Distributor

Employees are moving back to the office and a crucial aspect of continuous employee motivation and productivity is to ensure that you have the best office equipment. Employees should not be struggling with printers, scanners, and fax machines. Does this make you ponder that you need to upgrade your printers and scanning machines? Hold on to that thought as we introduce a multifunction printer to meet all your business needs in the most efficient manner. And the best part is that you can get great deals on it at an authorized Ricoh distributor.

Normal desk printers consume a lot of time and ink to print single pages. You cannot monitor the usage and you might end up getting frustrated using the machine. In all respects, multifunction printers have what you need – they can copy, scan, email, and much more. Let us find out the true benefits of using a multifunction printer –

Create digital documents

Gone are the days when offices were filled with huge piles of paperwork. Today everything is getting digitized, and you love to see your papers and documents getting converted into their digital versions. These are more secure, can be easily traced, and are readily available whenever you need them. Your printer can convert any paper document into a digital one within seconds. No more bulky paperwork and spending hours searching or scanning through them. You now have a digital searchable library with you.

Enhance document security

Needless to say, digital documents are more secure than physical copies, but these multifunction printers take it a notch higher. You can customize security measures and put access controls in place. Only authorized users can access these files across the network. The modern printers are not standalone devices, rather they are an integral part of your office network and act as a node to digitize and secure documents

Easy navigation and excellent support

The old printers and scanners did not have an intuitive user interface and navigation controls. The modern-day Ricoh multifunction printer has user panels similar to your touch phones and tablets. This increases the flexibility and the ease of use of these printers and all your employees can use them without wrecking their heads. At the same time, these printers come with excellent support services from an authorized Ricoh distributor. Ink levels are automatically monitored, and it can raise requests for refill automatically without your intervention. In case of any issues, these vendors are committed to getting the issue resolved in the shortest time and ensuring that there is minimum disruption to your operations.

Now that you see the benefits of multifunction printers, it’s time to get them for your office. But the question is – which one to buy when there are so many options? Think along these lines – what is the volume of print that you expect on a daily basis? – what is the format of print that you need; is it standardized, or does it change based on requirements? – what print quality (dpi) are you expecting?

Does finding answers to these seem a bit difficult? Here comes the best part. Consult an authorized Ricoh distributor to get correct information. The experts will listen to your requirements and then help you select the best model depending on your need. Make the switch today and get the best office equipment. Connect with an authorized Ricoh distributor today!

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