Things To Look For in Your Commercial Office Printer

If you have been running a business for some time or have just started a new one, it’s important that your equipment should be efficient and reliable. Finding good long-lasting products is important to make a profit because at times maintenance costs are more than the initial investment. In this post, you’ll learn about the key features that you should look out for in a commercial office printer.

Look for extended warranty

An extended warranty is one of the most important factors of any commercial office printer, as it gives the buyer an assurance of the manufacturer’s belief in their own product. It also gives the buyer peace of mind knowing their investment is a secure one. Before purchasing a commercial office printer for their business, one should check for both the initial and extended warranty options and make sure they fit the requirements.

Get something sturdy

Having strong parts made from metal or an equally strong material is another important aspect of commercial office printers because they are used way more than home printers and hence need to have sturdy parts so as to not get damaged or broken easily.

Check for permanent printhead

The printhead is one of the most important and expensive parts of the commercial office printer, thus having a permanent printhead is important. Printhead damage and replacement can also occur on a permanent printhead, thus one must ensure that printhead replacement is covered by the warranty.

Go for permanent ink

A commercial office printer is used to print various business-related documents, many of which need to be long-term. One should get a printer that uses permanent ink, and not the water-soluble type of ink that can bleed, since that may ruin the prints.
Every printer has a cleaning routine and procedure for changing ink, realigning the head, aligning the paper input, etc. When buying a printer, one must make sure that they understand all these control and service routines to ensure that your commercial office printer lasts long term and provides a proper print quality.

Opt for a versatile media printer

Lastly, it is important to buy a versatile media printer which means a commercial office printer that can print on different sizes and types of paper like matte and glossy paper, sticker paper, plain paper, amongst others, and various sizes like A5, A4, A3, letter, etc. based on the needs of your business.

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