Top 5 features of MFPs for a smarter workplace

Efficiency in day-to-day operations helps to improve business productivity and profitability. Eliminating time consuming administrative tasks can help increase your office productivity to a great extent. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that having the right tools is extremely critical for effective and efficient operations of a business. Gone are the days of those old-fashioned multiple devices to run your office. Not only do such devices occupy more space but are also cumbersome to operate. It’s time to invest in a multifunction printer and copier to boost your office productivity and efficiency by improving workflows and reducing costs; in other words, making your office a smarter workplace.

Here are top 5 benefits of multifunction printers or MFPs as they are popularly known as, for your office:

Convenience at your fingertips

By integrating multiple features like printing, scanning, copying into one device a multifunctional printer provides an increased level of convenience. One can both scan and print an image using the same machine. This would definitely save you the time you would have otherwise spent on walking from one machine to the other. Moreover, since all the printing activities are taking place in one network, it makes the printing environment more secure and organized, both digitally and physically.

Cloud Printing

Multifunction printers come with wireless capability enabling you to connect to other devices without the use of cables. You can print on the move using a printing app on  your mobile device by easily connecting to a multifunction wireless printer with a single click. No need to waste time on searching documents or formatting them. Multifunction printers also have a record of what’s been printed , by whom and when was the job completed. Keeping a tab on such data helps save on printing costs and prevent the misuse of print privileges in an office environment. Ricoh printers are compatible with major mobile print apps.

Easy to operate touchscreen interface

The most modern feature of a multifunction printer is perhaps its touchscreen interface. It not only increases the speed while using the device but also reduces chances of error as it is more intuitive. You can get quick access to functions such as print, scan or copy and on-board operational guides.

Better document distribution

A multifunction printer can also help you to distribute your documents in the most effective way. You can use options like scan to desktop, scan to email, scan to copy, and document filing and archiving. These options not only make your workflow more efficient and productive but also more secure and compliant.

Automatic Document Feeding

Automatic document feeder allows the multifunction printer to automatically pick up several paper sheets and feed them one page at a time into the device. This means that you can scan, copy, print or fax multiple-page documents without having to manually feed each page into the device. It not only helps to streamline your office’s printing procedures but also reduce waste.
Various multifunction printers are available in the market. Choosing the right printer can transform your business into a productivity powerhouse. If you decide to choose one with energy star ratings, you can also reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Not just this, when you have a single device performing multiple functions you also save on expensive maintenance bills. Isn’t using a multifunction printer a win-win all the way!

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