How to Choose the Right Digital Copier for Your Business

Whether you are setting up a new office or upgrading existing equipment, a major consideration would be to choose the right digital copier for your business. Digital copiers can manage business operations efficiently and you must choose a model that can handle your output volume, requires less maintenance, is within your budget, and consumes minimal resources.

If you sit to perform market research, it will take seconds to realize that this is a mammoth task. What to do? You can simplify your search by asking 5 simple questions. Asking yourself these basic questions will help you find the most efficient digital copier.

What is the purpose of the copier?

You might say this is straightforward but hold on! There are multiple ways to look at it. Will you print only in B/W or there are chances for a color print? Will you need additional features like scanning and text reading using OCR? Will stapling help you in your daily operations? The answer to these questions will help you narrow down your research and select the best copier.

What is your print volume?

It is essential that you have an approximate idea of the number of pages that would be printer per month. If you choose a device that cannot handle your volume, then you might end up paying more for repair and maintenance. Print volume per month is translated into something known as page per minute (ppm). If your monthly volume is within 7000 then you can choose a 25-ppm digital copier. Those with print volumes up to 20,000 pages per month can go for a 50-ppm copier.

What is your budget?

It is said that you should not compromise quality for budget but keeping a budget in mind is essential as well. Business printers have a varied price range. Will you pay it upfront like a Capex investment or pay in installments and treat it like a monthly business expense? Defining your budget at the outset will help you narrow down your choice.

Did you consider the consumables?

Expenses do not end with the device. You must consider the consumables like toner and ink cartridges. Will you go for annual contracts and automatic replacements, or will you choose to order each time the ink does below a threshold level? Choose a brand that has a seamless and hassle-free order process.

Which brand to choose?

Go for a reputable brand. For example, consider the Ricoh Digital Duplicators Supplier. It is one of the best digital copiers in the market and Ricoh as a brand is well established and reputed. This printer will help you manage your print volumes in the most effective manner.

Choosing a digital copier for your business is never an easy task. But if you have the answer to these questions, then it would make your task simpler. Gauge your needs and then choose a copier that will handle your print output in the most efficient manner. At Minosha India, we offer various products and solutions, which bring new value to your business. To know more about our products and services, visit

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