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Production printers market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2021 to 2026, when the market is expected to reach $9.1 billion. Since these devices are fast pieces of equipment that provide extremely effective and high-quality printing, the production printers are sometimes referred to as digital presses, variable data printers, or commercial printers. The production printers offer ideal solution for any digital printing business owing to which these are an ideal solution for the growing advertising needs of the enterprises across the world.

In the fast-paced world of printing technology, businesses in India are constantly on the lookout for production printers that can seamlessly blend efficiency, quality & innovation. Whether it is commercial printing or on-demand, the right production printer can make all the difference and solve all your printing needs. Production Printer has the ability to print in large quantities for your business and is commonly known as a heavy-duty machine. It is used for large-scale businesses that have the requirement of printing catalogs, books, magazines, flyers, posters, invitation cards etc they also offer additional features, including binding options such as lamination & finishers.

The RICOH Pro C7500 supports up to seven special colors, including gold and silver. Evolved to meet fast-changing client needs, the Pro C7500 can create exciting new opportunities for your business. Enhancing your operational efficiency, the Pro C7500 partners with you in generating new ways to work. To lever these amazing capabilities, we’ve also significantly enhanced ease of use. Reinvent your business with our Pro C7500.

Production printing is changing rapidly. A whole new set of requirements keeps coming in this competitive market. At Ricoh, we always start by imagining what the future holds for your business. Then we adapt our technology to deliver what you need. We call it co-creation. That’s how we developed the RICOH Pro C9500. With Ricoh your business can anticipate and respond to the market’s changing needs, delivering everything it takes to stay competitive in today’s increasingly digital environment. Over the years, we’ve continually improved our technology. Ricoh gives you “Power to Lead” by coming out with new technologies ahead of its competitors with its new launches.

What are the types of Production Printer available in the Market?

Commercial printers can be divided into “cut sheet” printers that use pre-cut, individual sheets of paper and “continuous feed” printers, which print on rolls of paper. Both types share the same basic configuration, comprising a controller unit, printer (engine), dryer and feed unit.

Based on the demand of the industry the customer can choose from below:

Monochrome Production Printer – A Printer which only prints black and white.
Color Production Printer – Printer that prints special colors along with CMYK.

Which Production Printer is best for you?

It depends upon different factors such as:

Size of the business
Demand of the customers
Evaluate your printing needs.
Print Quality

Why choose a production printer?

Efficient operation – Gain better control over your print operations.
Power up your print speed – Increase the speed and agility your business by choosing the best production printer in the market.
Broaden your media horizons – Expand your business opportunities with support for a wide range of media types, sizes, and weights.
Unwavering productivity – Deliver outstanding quality with heavy duty machine that can run smoothly for hours.
Higher Image Quality – The reason companies switch to a production printer is to have the best image quality for their business. The printer can print specialty colors such as gold, silver, clear, and even print on metallic, transparent, and colored media to produce eye-catching vibrant prints.
Speed – Production Printer is known for its speed and said to have the maximum uptime for businesses who want the machine to work continuously.

Who Uses Production Printers?

1) These printers are geared towards print shops because of the sheer volume of print jobs they produce on a day-to-day basis.
2) Industries that situationally have large print jobs – packaging industry, businesses who are into printing brochures, magazines etc.
3) Corporate Houses
4) Government Functions

Ricoh is leading the market when it comes to best production printers and supports printers with upto 7 colors. Ricoh is known for its print quality, speed & versatility making it stand in the crowd.

Are you interested in buying your first production printer? Contact Ricoh’s distributor and get a quote today.

As the production printing market continues to grow and evolve, staying ahead with the latest technology is crucial. Ricoh’s commitment to innovation ensures that businesses not only meet their current needs but also anticipate future demands. Investing in a Ricoh Production Printer can transform your printing operations, delivering high quality, speed, and efficiency.
For more information and to explore the right production printer for your business, reach out to Minosha today. Embrace the future of printing with Ricoh.

Q1) What is GSM?
GSM stands for ‘grams per square metre’ and refers to the weight of the paper. It denotes the thickness of the paper. It can be anywhere from 35 gsm to 450 gsm.
Q2) What is Print Speed?
Print Speed refers to the pages that can be printed within a minute commonly called ppm in printing terms.
Q3) What is special color?
Special colors are colors except CMYK. For example, gold and silver are considered special colors as they have different properties.
Q4) What is CMYK?
CMYK is an acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. CMYK refers to the 4 primary colors of pigment used in 4 Color Process Printing.
Q5) What is heavy duty machine?
A machine that is designed to handle large volumes of printing jobs and can run smoothly for hours/days.
Q6) How to enquire for a production printer machine?
An enquiry can be made by visiting Minosha’s website as they have a huge range of Ricoh Production Printers.

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