5 Quick Tips to Make the Best Out of Your Office Printers

The joy of finally running to your office copier to bring your ideas to life, after giving in the hours for your project, only to find that your printer is turning out documents that are washed out, discoloured and and just plain-hard-to-read is the worst feeling ever. You can’t eliminate print completely, and this means that keeping your office copier up and running is critical. More importantly, a printer plays a huge part in your company’s performance, maintaining its productivity and efficiency. Thus, here, we have listed down 5 quick tips to help you in making the best out of your office printers.

Never lose any document – Store them on Cloud

Make use of the scan facility provided by modern-day printers to save a lot of time and effort that goes into organizing and searching through documents. Yes! the intelligent software algorithms coded in these printers makes it possible. You can store all your documents on the cloud and print wirelessly from anywhere. You can use any and every device to print, from your smartphones, laptops, PCs to even tablets, without having to worry about compatibility and drivers, reducing the need for help desk support. If you are on the lookout for a cloud-ready printer, Ricoh M C2000 is the answer for you, among the wide range of office printers offered by Minosha. This multifunction printer is simple, convenient and enables you to boost your productivity by sorting, shuffling and even managing documents on your behalf. As a result, you get a seamless, reliable printing experience across the network. 

Flexible Media Handling and Durability – Get more projects in-house

Improve efficiency by using printers with a high volume and wide variety of media handling capacity. These let you complete a project from start to finish at the comfort at your home. In the current work from home and hybrid culture, these are a must, to get a lot done in less time. Use colour laser printers to get quality color output, stable operation and top-notch media handling capacity. Ricoh SP C440DN by Minosha has a media handling capacity ranging from plain paper to thick paper up to 256gsm, recycled paper, letterhead, pre-printed paper, label paper, glossy paper and coated paper. This best small business printer, can hold up to 2,300 sheets, prints at a speed of up to 40 pages per minute and comes with high duty cycle requiring minimum maintenance, ensuring a low cost per page. In short, this product will prove to be a beast in helping you accelerate your day-to-day office efficiency. 

Maximize Cost Savings – Thanks to Environmental Friendly low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) 

Your printer should be a solution not a problem. A printer which exhausts a lot of power is a typical money guzzling machine, draining your pocket only for a huge electricity bill in return. It is not sustainable for your office or the environment. Conserve energy consumption and your running cost by investing in low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) printers. You can take advantage of the RICOH Intelligent Support services that anticipate potential issues and send corrective instructions via the Smart Operation Panel, avoiding interruptions and prolonging the optimal performance of your device – avoiding the need for intervention by more costly IT resources. This commercial office printer in India by Minosha is the best bet for a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective printer. 

Ensure Document Confidentiality with Locked Print

Use intelligent devices to prevent your workplace from falling behind. Modern printers are designed to grow and adapt, just as your business does. Security is the top most priority today, especially for workplaces. On a typical office day, thousands of coworkers use the same printer, but you may not want to share everything on the printer with them. This is where the locked print function steps in. It holds the print material at the printer until the user enters a pass code to authorise the printing. This is the future of robust data security and maximum confidentiality, so that no one can have a sneak peak while you are away for a leisurely tea break. Choose the Ricoh M 2700 from a wide range of B&W multifunction printers for small business offered by Minosha India. Recognising modern business security challenges, the printer ensures document confidentiality by locked print. Network encryption ensures data transmission is safe. Invest in a secure system today for a healthier workplace tomorrow. 

Maintain your printer

Office printers undergo heavy load day in and out. Each employee in the office uses them in a way they see fit, which is why the risk of being worn and torn is very high. The copier needs regular maintenance for it to perform at optimal levels and minimize the need for time-consuming and money-draining repairs.You should adhere to the schedule in your owner’s manual strictly and get it repaired from time to time. Ricoh printers by Minosha have customer support available all over India. Easy installation and maintenance make them the best multifunction printer for office use. 
More than anything else, taking care of your copy machine increases its life span, ultimately, improving your company’s productivity and efficiency for the long term. Additionally, spend some time upgrading your software to the latest version, and you will see an upgrade in all your printouts. So, now you have it, the best tips, coming right from our printing experts. Keep your office tech at it’s best, so that you can be at your best and shine! 

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