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Sustainability Management Services

We offer solutions to help you make your fleet and work processes sustainable so that you leave the smallest environmental footprint possible and improve your social impact. Our sustainability management services will help you achieve energy efficiency, resource conservation, and human wellbeing to meet your corporate sustainability targets in a way that’s best suited to your organization.

We have already assisted many large corporate clients in achieving double-digit savings in overall costs and environmental impact. Via our consultancy service, our trained staff audit and analyse your current device usage, energy consumption and paper usage. Based on this information, we create an optimisation scenario which not only reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but also limits your energy use, paper cost and CO2 impact. The result? A significant improvement to your business processes which makes you leaner and greener.

We are committed to growing business with sustainability – Working together to conserve the environment.

Saving paper

Document production consumes a lot of energy. We believe saving paper is critical to conserving both energy and costs. We incorporate fast and easy to use duplex technologies, and multipage printing choices, into our devices. This means more documents can be double-sided or multiple pages printed on one page, to save paper. Our devices can also simultaneously scan both sides of the originals at once. This reduces both the time and energy used to produce duplex documents.

Saving energy

Minosha offers Ricoh product,which has a whole range of printing technologies
that help to reduce power consumption while maintaining a high level of performance and user-friendliness. This ensures that users are more inclined to use these features to achieve energy savings of up to 87%. Our Quick Start Up (QSU) technology is a good example. These devices can recover from ‘sleep mode’ in 10 seconds, significantly TM reducing energy consumption.


We believe that the basis for a sustainable society is the re-use and recycling of products when they have reached their end-of-life. This will ultimately reduce our dependency on new raw materials. Wherever possible, we re-use or recycle used parts, consumables, and machines themselves, to prevent any of our waste going to landfills. Collection processes maximise returns from the field and ensure we exceed all legislative requirements

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