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Biodiversity conservation is a crucial aspect of the project. Measures include establishing Pariyavaran Vikas Samiti to raise awareness, promoting Jaiv Vividhata Samiti and People’s Biodiversity Register as required by the government, implementing alternate/rotational grazing practices, facilitating Gram Sabha resolutions for preventing/managing grazing and deforestation in restoration areas, encouraging no human interference and organic farming, and removing invasive species like Lantana to support the thriving of local species.

To ensure soil and moisture conservation, the project implements various measures such as Loose Boulder Structures, Gabion Structures, Continuous Contour Trenches, planting Vetiver Grass along contour lines and near saplings, and constructing percolation ponds/pits and in-situ water harvesting structures to enhance water availability for the root zone.

Raising awareness among the local community is a key component of the project. This involves explaining the entire river rejuvenation process through ecological restoration to the Gram Sabha (village institution), strengthening village institutions, employing newsletters, organizing exposure visits, and utilizing local performing arts to effectively convey the message. The project also utilizes documentary films, brochures, campaigns, posters, pamphlets, and social media platforms to raise awareness, in addition to involving local NCC, NSS, and environmental groups. Celebrating important days related to rivers, forests, and the environment further engages the community.

The project also addresses the management of animal-human conflict. Ecological restoration projects are attracting leopards and snakes, which view them as safe habitats. Raising awareness among the local community about the importance of conserving forests and preserving habitats for wildlife is crucial to avoid conflicts. Measures such as producing documentary films on dealing with encounters, emphasizing the significance of snakes, and securing domesticated animals at night are implemented. The project emphasizes the importance of peaceful coexistence with wildlife, promoting cleanliness and hygiene within the community.


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