Cost Management And Security

MSF India Newsletter FEBRUARY 2022 What is sexual and gender-based violence? We may know the meaning of this term but how well do we understand its impact on the survivors? SGBV is highly prevalent in India, not restricted to any particular socio-economic stratum, geographical region, or religion but fueled by sex, gender, caste and class intersectionalities. As a consequence of the lack of information and challenges faced by an SGBV survivor, access to good and affordable medical care is often neglected. This International Women’s Day, our Umeed Ki Kiran Clinic team are explaining every aspect of this issue and how we can support the survivors. To begin with, understand what is sexual and gender-based violence. World Hepatitis Day 2019 Meerut image UKRAINE CRISIS As the crisis in Ukraine is escalating with every passing day, urgent requests for medical supplies are coming in from many hospitals and health facilities in the more war-affected parts of the country. On March 5, MSF delivered the first batch of emergency medical supplies which includes surgical kits, trauma kits, and basic necessities for intensive care units (ICUs), emergency rooms and surgical operating theatres. MSF will seek ways to donate what is needed, where it is needed. NEWS AND STORIES Mediterranean Migration NIGERIA After 11 years, children are no longer dying of lead poisoning Greece PALESTINE Why so many children in Gaza need treatment for burns Haiti SOUTH AFRICA Vaccinating people with comorbidities to protect against COVID-19 Venezuela AFGHANISTAN We must continue to put people with drug-resistant TB at the centre of treatment DONATE NOW WORK WITH US Doctors Without Borders India / Medecins Sans Frontieres AISF Building, First floor Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-IV New Delhi-110024 Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Organizations are constantly seeking new ways to trim costs and increase their bottom line. Our cost management and security solutions help you to do just that.

We offer a plethora of solutions to help users achieve the optimal usage of resources. We work with an organization to implement tools for routing print jobs, controlling access and reducing waste, allocating and charging back output costs, and centralizing reporting and management of the output environment.

  • Reducing waste
  • Authenticate
  • Charge back
  • Detailed reporting
  • Output Management