HotSpot Printing

Print securely from any mobile device.

Support BYOD, smartphone and tablet printing, while keeping your office’s information safe and secure.

  • Let guests and visiting staff print to any enabled printer
  • Data encryption keeps things safe
  • A convenient printing option for locations such as airports and hotels
  • Supports over 100 different types of files and platforms

  • Cloud Services
  • Flexible and mobile working
  • Monitoring
  • Related product
  • Security
  • Digital transformation

Cloud printing that’s simple and secure

Ricoh Hotspot uses cloud printing software to turn your enabled printer into a print portal for anyone to use with their internet-enabled mobile device or computer. To keep your network safe, information is encrypted and documents are only printed once released with a code, and then deleted from the printer’s hard disk.

  • Convenience for all
    A simple solution that lets anyone print. Great for hotels and airports for printing boarding passes and emails
  • Widely supported
    HotSpot supports Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and over 100 file types
  • Secure printing
    You can only print documents with an emailed code
  • Take the pressure off
    Reduces reliance on network printer access
  • Easy to install and manage
    HotSpot can be quickly deployed and configured on remote printers without VPN lines
  • Cost effective
    There’s no need to purchase or maintain special software or drivers