Document Management System

MinoshaDocs is document management system and office automation system software developed by a skilled in-house team of software developers. With features ranging from digitization of documents into searchable PDF/A format to integration of MS Office, OCR and a host of others into the software.

Salient Features

Document Management

The software allows the creation of unlimited document cabinets and folders. So, it helps in managing the different documents by putting them inside corresponding cabinets e.g. Marketing, Sales, HR. This ensures easy handling of the documents as well as retrieval of the same when required.

Business Process Automation

One of the highlights of the software is the ‘workflow’ feature which helps you automate various intra-office procedures. With easy to create drag and drop workflows, the flow of information, request or a proposal becomes more streamlined and smooth.

Hosted MinoshaDocs

The digitized documents of your organization are uploaded in our servers and you can have access to the same through internet anytime from anywhere.  However, alternatively you can also buy the software license from us and have it installed in your server.

Digitization Services

There are many organizations who are suffering from a huge backlog of paper files and digitizing them would make their tasks of handling the documents much easier. The hard files are scanned, cleaned, converted into PDF/A format and metadata is added to the same to enable easy retrieval when needed.


With most organizations depending highly on the information to perform mainstream business functions, the digitization of the documents ensures most office procedures can be performed electronically over the world wide web.


The barcode scanners will be integrated with the software so that relevant information can be retrieved as and when required.

Organization Chart

The entire organizational hierarchy is integrated with the software so that the escalation point can be identified as and when required from the chart.

Office Integration

Document Security

As most of the information that is being dealt with is the intellectual property of the organization, measures are taken so as to ensure that they are protected against theft and piracy. Users can be given different rights (read only etc) so as to ensure unnecessary changes are not made to the documents. The documents cannot be downloaded, saved to the local repository, printed or take a screenshot of the document if the user has been only given read only rights.

Tailor-made Solutions

The striking difference between MinoshaDocs and other DMS’es in the market is the ‘customizability’ factor. Depending on the requirements of your organization, we can integrate new features into the software to specifically cater to your needs.


Any existing API can be integrated with the MinoshaDocs.